About Me

I am a 2-d artist and have been drawing at a very young age. My drawings gradually became a focal point of my personality since middle school. I had quick drawing hands; I could draw anything in little time with less effort. Throughout High School I began to notice how some of the students resembled some of my drawn characters. While in High School my passion of art was flaring; everything around me was art, even people.

I have experience with different mediums. I have used charcoal, pastels, watercolor, conte, and graphite. When drawing I prefer to use pen; ballpoint pen, because I am familiar with them and the ink is clearer than pencil. I have developed techniques for using the pen to show certain effects. I have used the pen to its full sketching ability. The ink on my palms is proof of my inner enthusiasm.

When I begin a drawing that requires lots of shading, my process is to start off light and work into dark. For the darkest areas I start off with darker shades and lighten the outer areas. My process for choosing color is not complex. I rely on my previous knowledge of color and use my sense of judgment to determine which colors will be applied. A picture without color is either, a line drawing, a sketch, or a drawing with shading.